Isa wrote her first book in 1992 to great acclaim (i.e. her Kindergarten teacher and parents were greatly impressed) and she hasn’t stopped since.

Today her writing flows from her natural and insatiable interest in people and their stories. She is endlessly curious about the actions people take to get them to where they are today (especially when it comes to overcoming tough obstacles) and is skilled at sitting down with a stranger and getting them to talk about their deepest dreams and failures within the first five minutes of an interview. People feel comfortable with Isa because they can tell she really cares about them – because she does. There’s nowhere else she’d rather be than on the other end of a conversation with someone, asking them about their dreams, thoughts, ideas, and creative process.

She interviewed over 120 people for her next book about dreams, such as Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe, Tony, and Grammy winners, Olympians, non-profit, founders, entrepreneurs, athletes, Broadway stars, and many other outstanding individuals who overcame odds to reach a dream.

She wrote bi-monthly for Success Magazine from 2015-2016 and currently writes about and interviews creative people (such as people who’ve worked on Hamilton: An American Musical) at CreativeTeacup.com

You can also view her past work on Huffington Post, and from 2011 to 2014 she wrote and managed CommunityCollegeSuccess.com which garnered over 1 million views (her book by the same name, Community College Success, teaches low-income students how to  break barriers through education and mentors). She also wrote for the TV show The SKiNNY on TCC22.

She’s studied story at the world renowned Robert McKee Story Seminar (former students include over 60 Academy Award Winners and 200 Emmy Award Winners) and studied Creative Non-Fiction Writing at Stanford University.

If you need an interviewer or a writer who knows how to leverage empathy, curiosity, and deep understanding of people into a compelling story, feel free to reach out at isa@isaadney.com. She’s also available for travel and is skilled at bringing a reader into an event experience through her writing, as can be seen in her coverage of Hamilton, Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour, and the D23 Disney Expo.

Select Writing Samples

24 Hours in New York City, The Hamilton Cake Room, and Will Wells Starring as “Electric Unconcealed” (CreativeTeacup.com, 2016)

How I Learned That ‘Ambition’ Is Not a Dirty Word (Success.com, 2015)

Failure and Criticism Can ‘Mean’ You’re a Pro: What I’ve Learned From Steven Pressfield and Taylor Swift (Huffington Post, 2015)

How ‘Having More Books Than Shoes’ Helped Nike Footwear Designer Cheresse Thornhill Land Her Dream Job (Success.com, 2015)

The Hidden Benefits of Rejection (Huffington Post, 2015)

The SKiNNY on Paying for College (Won Gold for Production at National Council for Marketing and Public Relations’ Paragon Awards, TCC22, 2014)

MBA Prep Program Helps Latinos Achieve The American Dream (NBC Latino, 2013)

More on CreativeTeacup.com, Huffington Post, Success.com, CommunityCollegeSuccess.com, and YouTube.

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