To date Isa’s blogs have garnered over one million pageviews.

little white spaceIsa founded in 2015, a blog about and for creative people. She writes about her own creative process and the behind-the-scenes of other creatives, such as those who’ve worked on Hamilton: An American Musical, Vogue, Disney Animation, the Dream, Girl documentary, and more. Producer and artist Don Hahn designed the logo.

From 2011-2014 Isa wrote weekly educational content for students at
In 2014 she also founded the #SoCanU Project, giving students everywhere a chance to inspire others with their college success story.

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Do frustrating things keep 'popping up' to stall your creative dreams?

Pursuing a creative project is hard. How do I know? I'm doing it right now, and blogging about it only to this group. So go ahead, sign up and let's make this friendship official.

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